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Tennis 101: The Forehand

Learning the Forehand: For Beginners. Making contact with the ball: Try to make contact with the ball when it is not directly in front of you. If you are right-handed, you should make contact a little off to your right side. The ball should be a little bit in front of you.

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The shot you'll hit most often in tennis - the forehand. Master the basics or brush up on your technique with our guide to the basic forehand....Want to be a...

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For most tennis players a good forehand is the key to success. The natural stroke movement makes it especially easy to play. At the same time it is an effective means to put pressure on the opponent. That is why the forehand is often used to hit winners. Generally the forehand is the first stroke that beginners learn when they start playing tennis.

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Our forehand should feel more like swinging a bullwhip than swinging a stick. The key is to keep your hand relaxed. Keeping the grip loose will help with power potential by ensuring the racket creates a lag as the upper body uncoils on the forward swing.

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The forehand starts with proper initial positioning. You should be in the ready position with your racket in front of you. Hold the head of the racket higher than the handle, bend your knees, lean forward with your weight on the balls of your feet so you can quickly adjust.

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http://www.Top-Tennis-Training.com/How To Hit The Perfect Tennis Forehand In 5 Simple Steps.In this video, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will help yo...

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The forehand swing path is very similar to a bowling motion. To get the feel for the bowling motion, you can simply take a few tennis balls and bowl them towards a target. After 20 or so repetitions, take your racket and see if you can implement this feeling of bowling into your swing.

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1. Acceptable grips are the continental, eastern and double handed grips. Double handed grips are usually a combination of a continental or eastern grip with the dominant hand and an eastern forehand or semi-western forehand grip with the non-dominant hand. 2. Wait for the ball as you would on a forehand groundstroke.

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